• Municipal Pension Plan (MEPP): The general rule for HTCSD school based employees is that newly hired employees must work for 650 hours (move to Step 2 on the salary grid) before they are enrolled in MEPP.For more information, please see Article 11.01 e) of the Collective Agreement

Municipal Pension Plan (MEPP):

Were You Hired on in a Temporary or Part Time Position with the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division?

If you were employed by the Holy Trinity School Division (HTCSD) as a CUPE member in a non-permanent capacity (i.e. temporary, part-time) after January 1, 2001, you had the option of joining the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan (MEPP). In some cases non-permanent CUPE employees may not have been appropriately informed of this option and some CUPE employees may have unknowingly incurred a loss.

As background, in 2001 the Municipal Employees Pension Plan (MEPP) became mandatory that all permanent employees must join the pension plan.  Non-permanent CUPE employees of the HTCSD must be informed of the option to join MEPP. It is the employee’s choice whether or not to join MEPP. Some HTCSD CUPE members claim that they have experienced a loss of a pension benefit because they were not made aware of their choice to join the plan.

Were you Given the Choice of Joining the MEPP Pension Plan?

If you did not fill out a MEPP pension form …we would like to talk to you!  It is important to know that failure to enroll an employee who is eligible for mandatory enrolment or failure to enroll an employee who chooses to participate in MEPP results in the employer being required to remit contributions in arrears, plus interest.

You may be entitled to lost pension contributions if:

  1. There is no documentation showing that you were advised of the option to join MEPP at the commencement of your non-permanent employment and you joined MEPP immediately upon becoming aware of the option; and
  2. You worked as a causal/substitute for any length of service for HTCSD from  January 1, 2001 onward.


If you believe that this situation may apply to you, please contact Earl Booth, President CUPE Local 5506. All written and email inquiries will be acknowledged.

Mailing Address:
CUPE Local 5506
P.O. Box 1565
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7A8


General inquiries can also be made by phoning: (306) 631-8962

Printable letter Municipal Employees Pension Second Notice